McCathren Property Management

Condominium & HOA Management

Condominium & HOA Management

McCathren Management is a full service Association and property management company providing condominium and HOA services to the Inland Northwest. We are dedicated to bringing personal service and peace of mind to owners and real estate investors alike. McCathren Management maintains open and healthy communication between the board of directors as well as each owner and rental tenant. With this working relationship, we are able to take care of any issues or concerns before they escalate to major problems. We place a high priority on:

  • Quick response to homeowners’ questions and concerns
  • Active hands on involvement with your community
  • Intuitive accounting systems, monthly financial reporting and efficient budget planning
  • Ongoing communication and diligent follow through
  • Facilitating maintenance
  • Board meeting attendance and participation

Please email for a proposal or a full list of services provided.